(Listed in Alphabetical order by Vaccine)

The three main components to every vaccine are the​​ ingredients, the​​ process ingredients​​ and the​​ culture medium.​​ 

  • Vaccine Ingredients – are substances that appear in the final vaccine product 
  • Process​​ Ingredients – are substances used to create the vaccine that may or may not appear in the final vaccine product
  • Culture Media​​ – are the substances used to grow the vaccine culture
  • Though not listed, each vaccine contains strains of the virus being vaccinated against.​​ 
  • To see the manufacturer’s package insert that contains information about dosage, ingredient quantity, and how the vaccine is made, please click on each vaccine’s Trade Name.​​ 
  • Some vaccines, like influenza​​ vaccines, are modified frequently and you may wish to consult the package inserts online and your doctor for the most current information.

The vaccines shown below have been approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and commonly recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Controversial products used to make vaccines: 

1. Adenovirus31. Japanese​​ Encephalitis​​ (Ixiaro)
2. Anthrax​​ (Biothrax)32. Meningococcal​​ (MenACWYMenactra)
3. BCG​​ (tuberculosis)​​ (Tice)33. Meningococcal​​ (MenACWYMenveo)
4. Cholera​​ (Vaxchora)34. Meningococcal​​ (MenB​​ -​​ Bexsero)
5.  DT​​ (diphtheria​​ & tetanus)​​ (Sanofi)35. Meningococcal​​ (MenB​​ -​​ Trumenba)
6. DTap​​ (diphtheria,​​ tetanus,​​ & pertussis)​​ (Daptacel)36. MMR​​ (measles,​​ mumps,​​ & rubella)​​ (MMR-II)
7.​​ DTap​​ (diphtheria,​​ tetanus, &​​ pertussis)​​ (Infanrix)37. MMRV​​ ​​ (ProQuad)​​ (Frozen:​​ Recombinant​​ Albumin)
8. DTap-IPV​​ (diphtheria,​​ tetanus,​​ pertussis,​​ &​​ polio)​​ (Kinrix)38.​​ MMRV​​ (ProQuad) (Frozen:​​ Human​​ Serum​​ Albumin)
9.​​ DTaP-IPV​​ (diphtheria,​​ tetanus,​​ pertussis,​​ hepatitis B, & polio)​​ (Quadracel)39.​​ MMRV​​ (ProQuad) (Refrigerator​​ Stable)
10. DTapHepBIPV​​ (diphtheria,​​ tetanus,​​ pertussis,​​ hepatitis​​ B, &​​ polio)​​ (Pediarix)40. Pneumococcal​​ (PCV13​​ –​​ Prevnar​​ 13)
11. DTapIPV/Hib​​ (diphtheria,​​ tetanus,​​ pertussis, polio, & haemophilus influenzae type B)​​ (Pentacel)41. Pneumococcal​​ (PPSV-23 –​​ Pneumovax)
12. Hib​​ (haemophilus​​ influenzae​​ type​​ B)​​ (ActHIB)42. Polio​​ (IPV – Ipol)
13. Hib​​ (haemophilus​​ influenzae​​ type B)​​ (Hiberix)43. Rabies​​ (Imovax)
14. Hib​​ (haemophilus​​ influenzae​​ type​​ B)​​ (PedvaxHIB)44. Rabies​​ (RabAvert)
15. Hep A​​ (hepatitis​​ A)​​ (Havrix)45. Rotavirus​​ (RotaTeq)
16. Hep A​​ (hepatitis A)​​ (Vaqta)46. Rotavirus​​ (Rotarix)
17. Hep B​​ (hepatitis B)​​ (Engerix-B)47. Smallpox​​ (Vaccinia)​​ (ACAM2000)
18. Hep B​​ (hepatitis B)​​ (Recombivax)48. TD​​ (tetanus &​​ diphtheria)​​ (Tenivac)
19. Hep B​​ (hepatitis B)​​ (Heplisav-B)49. TD​​ (tetanus​​ &​​ diphtheria)​​ (Mass Biologics)
20. Hep A/Hep B​​ (hepatitis​​ A & hepatitis B)​​ (Twinrix)50. Tdap​​ (tetanus,​​ diphtheria,​​ &​​ pertussis)​​ (Adacel)
21. Human​​ Papillomavirus​​ (HPV)​​ (Gardasil​​ 9)51. Tdap​​ (tetanus,​​ diphtheria,​​ &​​ pertussis)​​ (Boostrix)
22. Influenza​​ (Afluria)​​ Trivalent &​​ Quadrivalent52. Typhoid​​ (Typhim Vi)
23. Influenza​​ (Fluad)53. Typhoid​​ (Vivotif Ty21a)
24. Influenza​​ (Fluarix)​​ Quadrivalent54. Varicella​​ (chickenpox)​​ (Varivax)​​ Frozen
25. Influenza​​ (Flublok)​​ Quadrivalent55. Varicella​​ (chickenpox)​​ (Varivax)​​ Refrigerator Stable
26. Influenza​​ (Flucelvax)​​ Quadrivalent56. Yellow​​ Fever​​ (YF-Vax)
27. Influenza​​ (Flulaval)​​ Quadrivalent57. Zoster​​ (shingles)​​ (Zostavax)​​ Frozen
28. Influenza​​ (Fluzone)​​ Quadrivalent58. Zoster​​ (shingles)​​ (Zostavax)​​ Refrigerator Stable
29. Influenza​​ (Fluzone)​​ High Dose59. Zoster​​ (shingles)​​ (Shingrix)​​ 
30. Influenza​​ (FluMist)​​ Quadrivalent


Vaccine Excipient Summary -​​ Excipients Included in U.S. Vaccines, by Vaccine:​​https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/b/excipient-table-2.pdf

Vaccines Licensed for Use in the United States:​​ https://www.fda.gov/vaccines-blood-biologics/vaccines/vaccines-licensed-use-united-states

Vero Cell Line Profile:​​ https://admin.phe-culturecollections.org.uk/media/122249/vero-cell-line-profile.pdf