Tracking exercise, nutrition, baby bump images, the joys of the journey and the baby’s development are available options in a variety of apps. There are even apps for dads.

Oviahas many features that expand based on the data entered. It answers questions about food safety and medications, and even has a community feature to connect with other moms.

Hello Bellyoffers practical tips and a good dose of silliness with pregnancy jokes and memes. There are also yoga videos.

Glow Nurture can be customized, has community spaces, symptom trackers, reminders for appointments and a boatload of articles.

Expectful Pregnancy gives reminders to focus on joy by taking a moment to breathe or meditate. With guided sessions for pregnancy, moms-to-be can put regular meditation practices in place.

Sprout Pregnancyhas a pregnancy timeline, weight tracker and journal. The 3-D images showing development of the baby are really cool, as well.

Who’s Your Daddy gives Dad a to-do list, weekly updates, a development timeline, suggestions for taking care of Mom and helps him pick baby names.

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