Optimize your FLFE experience by consciously participating in the process.


You may use this checklist to do a self-check in.

  1. Are you sufficiently and consistently hydrated?
  2. Are you supplementing daily with Magnesium and Essential Fatty Acids (fish or flax oil)?
  3. Are you getting sufficient sleep?
  4. Are you getting plenty of sunshine or supplementing Vitamin D, daily?
  5. Are you using any techniques to process and release emotional patterns? (EFT, Emotion Code, Meditation, Acupuncture, etc.)
  6. Do you have a spiritual practice, and are you keeping up with it?
  7. Have you turned the service ON/OFF, used your boost, or adjusted the slider on your control panel to feel a difference?
  8. Are you consciously choosing positive thoughts and attitudes? Are you expecting solutions?

Tuning Into the FLFE Service

Everyone reacts to FLFE a bit differently, yet we’ve seen a common thread of experience and benefits that runs through most of our customer feedback. These questions are based on feedback from people experiencing FLFE.

As you read through the following questions, feel free to pause and consciously “tune into” that perception.

  1. Are you feeling a greater sense of well being and feeling more relaxed?
  2. Do you feel a relaxing of tension and it feels easier to breathe, particularly when you turn off and then back on the EMF Mitigation program?
  3. Do you have more clarity and concentration?
  4. Do you feel more creative? As though things are flowing more?
  5. Are you sleeping better?
  6. Have you noticed your thinking is clearer and sharper?
  7. Do you feel more balanced emotionally?
  8. Are you more patient with yourself and others?
  9. Do you feel the need to clean your space and declutter?
  10. Have you received that new job offer you were waiting for?
  11. Has money come in that you’ve been waiting for?
  12. Are your pets happier?
  13. Do you find it easier to get up in the morning? Or suddenly your kids are getting up and getting themselves ready for school in the morning with less or no struggle?
  14. Have you found your kids have started cleaning at home without being told to do it?
  15. Do your neighbors, friends or family members comment how good your home feels and seem to want to stay?
  16. Do you feel you want to stay at home more?
  17. Is your relationship more loving?
  18. Has the communication between the people sharing the space improved or between you and your spouse improved?
  19. Has the communication with your coworkers and others in your family improved?
  20. Is your neighborhood changing around you? Have you noticed better relationships or even new or happier neighbors?
  21. Does the maintenance of your property seem to be easier?
  22. Are you feeling more productive at work?
  23. Does making key decisions appear to be easier?
  24. Are you clearing old negative patterns and or old insecurities quickly?
  25. Are you feeling you are reaching higher states when meditating?

Ways You Might Discern the Presence of the FLFE Field

The FLFE field is a subtle energy phenomenon. It is focused life-force energy, which is the same type of energy that is recognized by Chinese medicine as the energy that runs through the meridians in our bodies, also known as chi, prana, qi, or life-force. Modern science has acknowledged that acupuncture in Chinese medicine is a valid healing modality.

You have a sensitivity to this energy naturally somewhere on a spectrum from highly sensitive to mildly sensitive. As a result of peoples’ innate ability to sense and to adapt to new environments (basic survival instinct) we believe that your ability to sense, work with and evolve with the FLFE environment will increase over time. If you are on the upper end of the sensitivity scale, you may have felt the moment the FLFE energy was engaged with your home or mobile phone. During our Beta testing, we had a friend in another city who could feel the energy. At his home we turned the FLFE field on and off dozens of times and he could accurately tell us when it was on and when it was off.

If you would like to develop your discernment for the FLFE field and for subtle energy intensity (we measure as level of consciousness) in other locations, here are some suggestions.

Contrast. What do you feel when leave and come back to the property? Or go away from your phone? You could also try sitting quietly and using your FLFE Customer Portal to turn the service and/or the EMF Mitigation program on and off.

Explore where in your physical body you notice a sensation that might indicate an activation of the body due to the FLFE energy (high level of consciousness present).

  1. Some individuals feel it in their pineal gland (between the eyes and a little higher).
  2. Some individuals feel it in their heart, a feeling of expansion and perhaps joy.
  3. Some individuals feel a tingling sensation in their nervous system throughout their body or in a particular part of their body. Those who are experienced in sensing the chakra system in their body through such practices as yoga may notice an increased movement or warmth or another expression of increased activation.
  4. Some individuals feel an overall increase in energy flow throughout the body.
  5. Some individuals feel an activation of the crown chakra, which can feel like pressure or energy flow through the top of the head.

Please note: If you have a home subscription, the FLFE energy is associated with your entire property, which includes your yard, if you have one. In that case, it is helpful to walk off your property and up the street and then return to feel the difference. If you live in an apartment or condo, please note that the FLFE energy and the subsequent rise in the level of consciousness radiates from your home and raises the energy in the hallways and adjoining units. If you are doing this experiment, it is helpful to walk further away from your apartment or condo, perhaps out onto the sidewalk and then return.

With mobile, the radius is 300 feet – though some programs, such as those positively impacting your health – only work when your phone is within four feet.(-a reminder, your phone does not need to be on to create the FLFE field).

You might also experiment with turning FLFE on and off (using your Control Panel) while sitting quietly with your eyes closed.

Observation. How do others react? In order to observe the feeling and result of the FLFE wave entanglement and the subsequent rise in the level of consciousness without the placebo effect, observe others who are unaware of the FLFE wave.

  1. Observe how others react. Particularly when people enter for the first time after you have added the FLFE wave. We and our customers have observed people exclaiming how good it feels or asking what we have done to redecorate, paint, new furniture when these things haven’t been done.
  2. Observe how people will tend to stay longer in your FLFE environment. You might need to have more groceries on hand!
  3. Get feedback. Ask others if they notice a difference in the way they feel when in your space.
  4. Harmony in relationships and/or visitors. One user remarked at how people from a business group came over and were exceedingly joyful and open, far more than they would have normally been.
  5. One person with a mobile subscription observed how a highly negative person literally avoided her in the hallway; it was incredible, by her own description.
  6. Turn the FLFE service on and off using your Control Panel and see if they can tell the difference. This is interesting to do in a group, as people have different levels of sensitivity.

Reflection. Being called to upgrade your environment to reflect the higher energy state.

  1. You may feel inspired to declutter or rearrange the furniture in your home as a natural sense of order and energy movement occurs.
  2. You may notice in yourself and others an impulse to clean, redecorate or improve the home in some way to match the higher energy state.
  3. If you have a yard you may notice an impulse to garden, beautify or otherwise tend more to your outside environment.
  4. You may notice your neighbors upgrading or cleaning their property as well.

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